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Interview with Paula Vandermey


This week we got a chance to speak with Paula Vandermey. Paula is a Canadian artist living and working in the Greater Toronto Area. She uses both blowing and casting to bring the unique style of her work to life. Continue reading to find out more!

Where were you born & currently reside?  Born in the GTA, Scarborough and now in Toronto.

How did you discover glass OR what school did you attend? After I lost my father I decided I needed to redirect my life. I googled glass, and went to Sheridan and ended up talking to Dan Crighton. Once I saw the glory hole I knew I was meant to be there.

Who was your favourite glass teacher?  Kevin Lockao and Mitchell Gaudet were both very inspirational. Mitchell was like a personal mentor for me.

How would you describe your style of blowing glass? Different! I don’t conform to traditional glassblowing, you must know the necessary steps technically to be able to get to the outcome you are aiming for. It’s important to understand the details. To reach a certain refinement, you have to be able to understand all the aspects of how glass behaves.

What do you try to achieve with your glass creations? A conceptual message that resonates within.

Who is your favourite artist? Salvidor Dali, and Henri Gaudier-brzeska

Who is an artist you dream of collaborating with? I would love to collaborate with Cole Swanson! I’m currently about to start a collaboration with Matt Robertson which I’m looking forward to.

What makes you proud to be in Canada? Multiculturalism, and ethnic diversity

_DSC0240_small                _DSC0192_small               _DSC0172_small

What’s your favourite place in Canada?  Gabarus, Cape Breton Island. It’s beautiful!

If you won a million dollars, it would buy you the freedom to: Travel, travel, travel. It’s all about exploration!

What stifles creativity? The hectic pace of our city. Balance in a job that pays, as opposed to a creative one to sustain yourself.

Have you ever made work too personal to reveal? Yes, I’ve made it, it has been shown, but I never revealed what it was about. Kevin Lockau managed to pull the message out of me, and it made us both weep a bit.

What’s your favourite colour? Iris Gold! It looks so different whether you blow it or cast it. It’s a colour of its own category!

Another glass artist you think we should interview? Jeff McIntosh

Anything else you would like to add? My solo show is still up for awhile longer if you have time to stop by. “How Many Teeth Does a JackrabbitHave” at Latitude 44 Gallery.

A big thanks to Paula Vandermey for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions.
Congratulations on all your successes and may your future as an artist continue to grow!